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Glenalmond Junior Ceilidh

Many thanks to Glenalmond of putting on such a marvellous evening;s entertainment on Sunday.  Despite the snow – and there was plenty of it! – a whole load of Form 7 and 8 children made it up to take part

Reeling Practice for Forms 7 and 8!

Gay Gordons reeling practice @cargilfield this afternoon…..interesting! Practice makes perfect! — Cargilfield School (@cargilfield) November 27, 2015   With the Christmas period fast approaching, the wet weather this afternoon meant that we could do some reeling practice with Forms

Visit of Mr Coleman from Loretto

On Friday, the Chapel Choir were fortunate to rehearse with Ed Coleman, the Director of Music at Loretto, in readiness for their forthcoming visit to the Loretto recording studio where the choir are going to record a CD of some

Green Pencil Writing Award Ceremony

Sophie and James had the honour of joining 18 other prize winners at this year’s Green Pencil award ceremony held in the Central Library on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh.  The creative writing competition is run by Edinburgh council and

Measuring Dinosaurs!

P2s have been measuring out the lengths of dinosaurs!  The diplodocus was almost the length of our Pre prep Building! Even a stegosaurus seemed so long. We worked as a team and got used to the length of a metre.

2nd Girls’ Hockey v St Mary’s and Belhaven

The girls played six aside matches against both teams. The first match was against St Mary’s. The girls started strongly and had numerous opportunities to attack. We had a number of shots on goal but unfortunately St Mary’s strong defence

U11 Rugby v Dollar (Edinburgh team)

The Under 11 rugby team travelled to Dollar for their second encounter of the season. After separating into two teams, which were a mixture of our A’s and B’s, the boys played against similarly named teams from Dollar.   The

Dandylion Girls win at Kilgraston!

Five Cargilfield girls represented the Dandylions hockey team against the Wosps hockey today at Kilgraston.  Chidaro was Captain of the A team and played heroically, saving the team on many an occasion. Katherine was strong in attack and scored one

1stXV beat Loretto

After what has been a hugely busy and tough past ten days on the rugby field, a period when this group of boys have grown as a team and as individuals, today we played Loretto in the penultimate game of

Nursery Treasure Hunt!

Making the most of some lovely Autumnal November sunshine, the Nursery went on a treasure hunt around the gardens this week.  I wonder if they found anything?!!