Art | Cargilfield : Scotland's First Prep School


With purpose-built Art and Design rooms, the children have an inspirational space to explore their creativity and imagination.


Art at Cargilfield is taught by a specialist Art teacher from P3 upwards. Art and Design activities promote discovery and understanding of feelings as well as providing a means of expressing these visually. The Art department is a place where pupils can create with confidence and ambition as they react imaginatively to the world around them. The resulting work- so much can be seen around the school – is often very ambitious and frequently of high quality.

In addition to painting, drawing, print-making, film making, textiles and photography, Design offers a tremendous mix of imagination and practicality. The emphasis is firmly on project work and problem solving and with 3 ICT suites, Cargilfield children are very well-supported in their quest for innovation.

The Art and Design rooms are open and managed by our staff at every break and every evening. There are a wide range of Art Clubs for children at all levels, offering the opportunity to those who enjoy Art to take their work further.

Several Art and Design scholarships have been won in the past few years.