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Sport and Physical Education are integral to the happiness and success of everyone at Cargilfield.

Sport and Physical Education at Cargilfield.

We try to make sure that each Cargilfield child will put on a Cargilfield team jersey at some stage in every term. Although every school prides itself on the performance of the best games players, our priority is to also make sure that all children have access to sporting opportunities at a level that suits them.

The main team sports at Cargilfield are Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Football for the boys; Hockey, Netball and Rounders for the girls. Both boys and girls play Tennis and take part in Athletics and Cross Country.

These are supplemented by other sports and physical activities that are developed within our club programme. Fencing, Shooting, Judo, Karate, Climbing, Squash, Mountain Biking are those on offer at present.

All boys and girls in the Upper School (from the age of 8) are coached sport five days a week and they can also play games during the  long morning break and in the evening. P2 and P3 boys and girls may choose a games option during the week on three of the afternoons and P1, P2, P3 and  some classes in the Upper School  have PE classes during the week.

Success on the games field gives a great deal of joy and fulfilment but whether Cargilfield boys and girls are representing their Country, their Region, their School or their Division, it is important that we learn to play as a team, to give of our best and to win and lose with good grace. We also expect our boys and girls to be good hosts and good visitors.