Teachers & Staff

Cargilfield employs over 40 teachers to ensure class sizes which average 15 children. The school also has excellent provision for learning support, with specialist staff as part of the team. Recent HMIE reports have endorsed the quality of teaching at Cargilfield.


Mr Rob Taylor, BA, PGCE (English)

Mrs Sarah Taylor, MA, PGCE


Assistant Headmaster

Mr David Walker, BA (Hons) (English)


Deputy Heads

Mrs Emma Buchanan, MEd, BEd (Head of Pre-Prep and Learning Support, English)

Mr Ross Murdoch, BEd (Hons) (Head of Computer Science and Design Technology)



Upper School Staff

Dr Joanna Allsop, BA (Hons), M Mus, PhD, PGCE (Director of Music)

Mrs Anjali Dholakia, MA (Hons), LLB, Dip LP, PGDE (Head of History and Director of Studies)

Mr Richard Farnan, BSc (Hons), PGCE (Head of Mathematics)

Mr Russell Fleming, MA (Hons), M. Litt, PGCE (Head of Classics)

Mr Paul Laver, BSc, PGCE (Head of Geography, Outdoor Pursuits)

Mr Robert Lemmer, BSc, Diploma in Education (Mathematics and Science)

Mrs Nicola Lyell, BA (Hons), PGCE (Learning Support, History)

Mrs Fiona MacKerron, MA (Hons), MBA, QTS, (French, Science, Maths)

Mrs Sian MacKenzie, BEd (Hons) (Physical Education and Head of Games)

Mrs Fiona Macmillan, MA (Hons), PGDE (Learning Support)

Mr Ian Parker, BEd (Head of English & Drama)

Miss Isabella Pett, BA (Hons) PGCE (Head of R.S. & PSHE)

Mr Alan Pike, BSc (Hons), PGCE (Form 4, Geography)

Miss Adeline Poirier, MA, FSL, BA, PGDE, (Head of French)

Miss Eily Quayle, BA (Hons), PGCE (Form 4, English & RS)

Mr Mark Rees, BA (Hons), PGATC (Head of Art)

Mr Carl Ronan, BSc, PGCE (Head of Science)

Mrs Stephanie Ayer (French)

Mr Cuan Taylor (Games Coach)

Mrs Laura Webber, BEd (Hons) TEFL (Form 4, Mathematics, English & History)


Pre-prep Staff

Miss Alison Combe, MA, BEd

Mrs Louise Gilmour, BSc (Hons), PGCE

Mrs Jan Harber, MPhil, BA (Hons), PGDE

Mrs Vin Parker, BA, QTS

Mrs Maggie Pithie, BEd (Learning Support)

Mrs Dawn Spencer, BA (Hons), PGCE

Miss Lauren Wiid, BEd


Support Staff

Mrs Rhona Douglas PDA, Classroom Asst

Mrs Patricia Grant, NC HNC

Mrs Sarah Skinner


Nursery Staff

Mrs Victoria Aitchison, BSc (Hons), PGCE (Head of Nursery)

Mrs Karen Millar, HNC

Mrs Elaine Murray, BA, NC, HNC

Miss Katie Nicol, NC, HNC, PDA, BA

Lauren Eddington, (SVQ Level 2 & 3)

Miss Vicki McEwan (SVQ Level 3)



Miss Heather Thomson

Mrs Philippa Shields (School Nurse)



Mr Iain Keter, BA, CA


School Secretary

Mrs Hazel Connolly



Mrs Fiona Craig, SpLD, ABE

Miss Zara Kemp


Grounds and Maintenance

Mr Matthew Bayda

Mr Kenny Pope

Mr Graham Swift


Gap Students

Mr Tommy Laundaret

Miss Claudia Kerr

Mr Kyle Clark

Miss Nina Purves

Mr Christopher Gray, MA (Hons)