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Brilliant P2 Play!


The Primary 2 dramatic production this term was ‘Jonah-a fishy tale’, performed on Thursday. The children had created the stunning scenery by painting, printing and sticking huge sea creature collages. They had also assisted in making and sourcing nautical props and the audience responded to their first view of the set with a spontaneous round of applause. All of the children looked very jaunty in their fabulous costumes, as they sang their way through a repertoire of catchy songs which helped to tell a light-hearted adaptation of the Biblical story of Jonah and the whale. There were a number of comedic moments, some rehearsed, some incidental and the standard of acting for six and seven year olds was impressive. Our talented, well- rehearsed narrator and soloist was sadly unwell on the day of the show, so two volunteers stood in and represented him superbly. Thank you to a wonderful audience and a fantastic cast of little stars.



The P2 play is all set for tomorrow and the final dress rehearsal had taken place. Jonah and Whale is ready for its audience! Good luck to all the children who have worked so hard on it.

Posted by Cargilfield School on Wednesday, 24 May 2017

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