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Form 4 Boarding Weekend

  he Aztec gods took tricky names such as Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, Chalchiuhtlicue and Quetzalcoatl…and we consider latin hard! They lived up to their tough names with the sacrifices they demanded yet surely they would drag the sun up high into

Form 8 Boarding Weekend

  There was a noticeably positive, happy atmosphere permeating the Form 8 boarding weekend over the 21/22 Jan and it was a lot of fun to be part of.  Burns supper and reels started things off for us all on

Form 8 Movie Trailers

  Over the weekend, Form 8 put together some terrific movie trailers.  They were great fun to make and the children really did work hard to get them to such a polished standard.   Here is Stuart’s which was chosen

Form 8 Burns Night

  As a Scottish School, it is extremely important to celebrate important National occasions, and Burns night is perhaps the most important of all. Form 8 took part with real enthusiasm and they really did impress with the way in

Christmas Boarding Weekend

  There was a lot of excitement for our Christmas boarding weekend, a highlight of the busy boarding weekend calendar that we run at Cargilfield. With the P3’s also able to board for this one, it added to the community

Form 5 Boarding Weekend

  Form 5 had great fun @MurrayfieldExp watching @Scotlandteam. Saw our piping teacher @TheKyleOfLife playing for @chillipipers @BSAboarding — Cargilfield School (@cargilfield) November 21, 2016   We were blessed with glorious weather for our treasure hunt around Cramond Island

Boarding Weekend – Guy Fawkes

  Boarders are @ryzeedinburgh1 this morning #trampolining #fun #fitness #iloveboarding @BSAboarding — Cargilfield School (@cargilfield) November 5, 2016 Boarders are @ryzeedinburgh1 this morning #trampolining #fun #fitness #iloveboarding @BSAboarding — Cargilfield School (@cargilfield) November 5, 2016 Boarders are @ryzeedinburgh1

Latest Care Inspectorate Report

  We are delighted to share the latest Care Inspectorate Report (July 2016) on the provision of boarding here at Cargilfield.  Please do click on the link below.

Boarding Weekend 2nd/3rd October

  The first “All In” weekend of the term was a very successful, action-packed weekend, full of happy, enjoyable moments. Excitedly, everyone set off on Saturday morning to Time Capsule in Coatbridge.   After nearly 2 hours of racing up

Form 7 Camping Weekend

  Form 7 headed north to Loch Tummel as their base for what was an action packed two days over the weekend, blessed with glorious sunshine!  They camped on the shores of Loch Tummel, did white water rafting, and then