Music | Cargilfield : Scotland's First Prep School

Pre-Prep Music

Cargilfield begin learning a musical instrument from Primary 2 onwards. Music is an integral part of the curriculum and all children learn to play at least one


Music is a world of beauty, emotion and power and it is our aim to support, encourage and develop all pupils’ music making. Over 200 pupils take individual music lessons, many on 2 or even 3 instruments. Large numbers are involved in a range of groups and ensembles, from small orchestras to wind and jazz bands, from choirs to rock groups. Boys and girls take part in concerts both in and out of school while the chapel choir sings regularly in public each week. Pupils can also benefit from hearing professional musicians perform both at Cargilfield and in Edinburgh and Perth in particular. Master classes are held regularly.



MUSIC is central to Cargilfield’s ethos and all children are actively encouraged to participate in the wealth of activities and opportunities available to them throughout their school careers and beyond.

It is the school’s view that music should be something that enriches every person for their whole life and that the quality of experiences during the formative years of a child’s life will determine the place of music in their future lives.

The school therefore seeks to:

  • offer each child every opportunity to participate in a full range of musical activities which seek to stimulate their interest and intellect.
  • develop the musical potential of each child to the full during their time at Cargilfield
  • use music and performance as a tool for personal and social development and to build self esteem and confidence
  • provide appropriate musical experiences from a wide range of musical styles and genres and at the highest standard
  • ensure that every child is allowed to thrive through personal expression


Music is, along with other arts activities, central to the educational success of pupils.  Through the Creative Arts pupils gain in confidence and self esteem.  They learn to work both as team members and independently.  They learn to express their emotions and to celebrate and respect their rich cultural heritage.  All children are offered equal access to music at Cargilfield, irrespective of natural ability or additional support needs.

Music at Cargilfield is taught as both a discrete subject (notation, aural skills, playing instruments, history of music, etc) and using cross-curricular links: English, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Art, Drama, RS, French, Classics, etc. as appropriate.

The curriculum is based on the principles and practice of the Curriculum for Excellence, interlaced with other best practice and assessment is made using the experiences and outcomes of these schemes.

The Director of Music teaches all class music from Nursery (3 year olds) to Form 6 and teaches any musically gifted children in small groups or individually in Forms 7 & 8.  Individual lessons in a wide range of instruments, including voice, are taught by 14 peripatetic music teachers.