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Friends of Cargilfield

The Friends of Cargilfield an informal group of parents with the goal of maintaining active social and charitable activities amongst the parent body. Various events and fund raising happens throughout the year.

Parents are part of the school

 The Friends of Cargilfield (FOC) is a group of parents who meet regularly to plan fund raising and social events. 

FOC members usually stay on board for three years so that there is continuity within the group.

FOC members are also class reps for their year groups.  Please go to the Parent Portal for contact details of class reps for 2015/16.


A list of the class reps for 2017/18 can be found below.




Purposes of the Friends of Cargilfield:

FOC have a very important role when it comes to looking after new parents and will contact or meet new parents of Cargilfield children before the child begins his or her life at the school.

The Form Representatives on the Friends of Cargilfield will host a coffee morning or drinks party for their year group at some stage during the year which is a popular way for parents to meet each other.

FOC  organise several fund raising events throughout the year which range from a simple cake sale to the Christmas Fair. In 2014/15 over £6500 was raised for charity.

For 2015/16, the FOC have combined with the children to raise funds for three charities: Sick Kids’ Foundation, The Teapot Trust and The Yard, all of which were chosen by the children.  An update on charitable giving can be located here:


FOC consider a major part of their role to promote Cargilfield as an independent school that is happy and successful.


If you would like to know more please contact the School Office on 0131 336 2207.

Friends of Cargilfield