Sport | Cargilfield : Scotland's First Prep School


Cargilfield pupils are regularly represented in many sports at both regional level, for example in “The Dandylions”, as well as at national level. Each year our pupils gain Dandylion honours in Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Rounders. Both boys and girls have also been chosen for the Scottish Prep School teams.

Cargilfield is proud of its sporting success in all areas; teams play at all levels, and this includes A & B teams, and sometimes a 3rd team. The boys have been National Prep School Hockey Champions and one of our fencers won the UK U12 Epée championship. Children have been awarded medals in fencing, judo and climbing competitions, both regional and national. Boys at Cargilfield regularly represent both East of Scotland Cricket team and the national U13 and U12 Cricket sides.

Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Hockey and Cricket sides have toured in England during the last three years.

It is not just in the more obvious sports which Cargilfield has excelled: Cargilfield chess players have competed at the highest level: one individual reaching the main national final at Manchester University.