U11A Rugby at the Cargilfield Sevens

It was a glorious afternoon at Cargilfield for our second Sevens tournament.  Having won the Loretto Sevens earlier in the season we were confident despite not having the exact same team.  Boys were keen to step up and show what they could do.

We began with a good performance against Loretto, winning 3-1 but in the second pool match against St Mary’s, we were apprehensive with the ball and they ran harder and stronger at us.  At 2 nil down at half time, we looked like we might turn it around much like in our regular season fixture earlier in the term when Fergus scored right at the beginning of the second half.  A missed tackle on the left wing, however meant they restored their 2 goal cushion and despite us getting one back through Adley, St Mary’s made a great break and the supporting runner collected a superb pass to finish the game 4-2.

Against Ardvreck, we needed a win and we found our form and scored a number of tries against them, showing that running aggressively and forward with supporting runners either side is the way to success.

Into the semi finals against Merchiston and they were out to get their own back in the defeat in the Loretto Sevens final.  However, whilst having possession, Quin managed to intercept and get us going forward.  Fergus went in at the corner to give us the advantage.  With the last play in the first half, Rory decided not just to run into touch but instead run it back and when Max collected the ball inside his own half, he showed great pace to give us a 2 try cushion in the first half.  The second half was all about defence and then just keeping the ball and we did this superbly to make our way to the final.

Against a very physical Fettes side, we struggled to win the 50/50 balls and looked a bit lost in the first half.  They scored one, up the hill in the first half, but we turned it around in the second thanks to Glen and Max.  We had the lead and with the final play, Fettes managed to score in the bottom corner to take the final into to a golden try situation.  Much like last year, the final was a great spectacle and had bags of excitement.  Fettes always had the edge and when we tried to run it out under pressure, we lost the ball and they scored in the exact same corner to win the tournament just like Belhaven did against them last year.  It was a gutting way to lose but the boys were out on their feet in the end with much of the energy sapped out of them due to the physical way Fettes played.

The boys can be proud of the way they were part of a terrific match and it really was a great finish for the neutrals (or anyone with a Fettes connection!) but at Cargilfield, we are very pleased we had another successful tournament with such an exciting climax.

Well done to all the Cargilfield boys but especially well done to Glen who was picked as Player of the Tournament by Mr Harvey, the Headmaster of St Mary’s.  However, I’d like to make special mention to Edward M and Max who were also up there in terms of players who had outstanding performances.



B Team match report to follow…

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