U9A and B Hockey v Fettes


The Under 9 girls were very excited to be playing their first competitive match. The A team girls were spilt into two mixed ability teams and the B team mixed with the Fettes girls. The Red team were captained by Lottie and she elected to choose the end to score into. The teams were evenly matched and had a fast paced game. Saskia remembered to keep high in the court and she was rewarded with a good pass allowing her to shoot into the goal. Anna was very determined to gain possession of the ball and she scored the second goal. Judith also played well and she scored the third goal. Lara stayed in the D and worked hard to clear several balls. Fettes answered with two goals, giving a final score of 3:2 to Cargilfield.

In their second game, Anna gained the ball very quickly and scored within the first minute. Fettes came back with a goal but Anna scored again, leading to a final score of 2:1 to Cargilfield A team reds. The girls had worked hard to secure two wins and will be working on their positioning and passing in the next training sessions. We also need to remember to take hit outs quickly and strongly. Much to work on but a good start.

The Blue team lost one and drew the other of their games. Report to follow.

The B team mixed in with Fettes and every girl played two matches. We all had fun playing hockey and enjoyed having match tea with our Fettes friends.

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