The Curriculum at Cargilfield follows the independent schools' curriculum and to this we add Latin, Greek, Spanish, Mandarin and Philosophy.

What you can learn at Cargilfield

Upper School (8 – 13)

Although Cargilfield is fully aware of the curriculum set down by the department for education in Scotland, ultimately we follow the independent schools’ curriculum which prepares for Common Entrance  and for the senior school scholarship which are taken at 13 plus.

The independent schools’ examination board is in charge of setting down the curriculum which is followed by over 600 Prep Schools and over 250 senior schools. Generally speaking the curriculum followed at Cargilfield is about a year – or even more in one or two subjects – beyond the curriculum set down by the government.

The core subjects of Mathematics, English, French and Science are taught right through the school; in addition, History, Geography and RS are taught as individual subjects and all Cargilfield children take at least one language. Latin is taught to every child in the Upper School from the age of 8 1/2 and classical Greek is taken by over 20 children at the top of the school.

In addition to the above subjects, boys and girls can also attend a club in Mandarin and a few learn Spanish.

Nearly 4 hours a week are allocated to Art, Design and ICT and both Drama and Music are taught throughout the school up to form 7. Games and PE are taught to all boys and girls everyday of the week.

The breadth of the Cargilfield curriculum ensures that all our children are prepared correctly for senior schools whether they be in Edinburgh, other parts of Scotland or in England. Indeed it is possible for a pupil at Cargilfield to be prepared for an international school in Europe or the United States.

Pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills in French, Music, Drama and Physical Education with our specialist teachers and with our extra-curricular programme to experience a range of sporting, creative and charitable activities.