Design Technology


“Science and technology multiply around us.  To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think.  Either we use those languages, or we remain mute.”      

                  J.G. Ballard


At Cargilfield the children have an excellent opportunity to develop not only their knowledge of different aspects of Design and Technology, but also craft skills in the well-resourced and spacious workshop.

In Forms 4 & 5 the children learn the importance of safety in a workplace as well as how to use different tools for specific materials.  Some projects are linked with other subjects depending on what topics they are studying at that time.  Examples of this cross-curricular work are in History where they make their own Viking shields and in Geography when they are studying weather and climate where they make anemometers and ice scrapers.

As they progress up the school, the children learn more about the Design Process and the importance of designing before manufacturing.  Using the Design department computer suite, they research the topic and analyse any previously designed products they have found.  All of this is compiled in a design folio, which includes sketched ideas together with detailed working drawings produced on the computer using the school’s Computer Aided Design (C.A.D) software.   Craft & Design Projects have included: Tealight holders; Photo Frames; Bookends; Pneumatic Inventions; Electronic Robots; Alluminium Toy Cars; Jewellery Boxes; Clocks; iPad stands and MP3 player docking stations.

The department’s most recent purchase is a 3D Printer.  The children use Google SketchUp to design an object and this is then sent to the printer which builds it from nothing.  Projects include: key rings, wind chimes and iPod stands.

As part of the Leavers’ Post Common Entrance programme, the Form 8 Leavers take part in a week-long design challenge. The whole week is spent solving either a problem, building something, designing a website which advertises it and filming and editing a short commercial to advertise their product.  Recent projects have been “Design and make the perfect chocolate bar” and “Design and make the perfect cupcake”!

During the school week, the workshop is open twice a week at break time for Design Club where the children can come in and work on their class project or design and make other products of their choice.  During Boarding Weekends, the workshop has also been opened to make Go-karts, sledges and shelving units.



Design Technology