Geography at Cargilfield

“Geography is half of all education and stands out as the one true science. Its only equal in status is the study of human imagination and belief through English literature.”

Geography is an increasingly relevant and ever popular subject at GCSE, AS and A-level. Many Sixth form geographers go on to study the subject at University and beyond. Here at Cargilfield we hope to stimulate the imagination and sow the seeds for a lifelong fascination with the study of people, places and processes.

 The Geography syllabus is taught as a discrete subject from Form 4 – 8. The Geography Department provides an exciting and challenging programme of study to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world today. In order to achieve this, pupils will learn many Geographical skills, both in and outside the classroom. The syllabus is based on the ISEB Common Entrance programme with elements from the English National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Scholarship examinations are very individual and separate programmes of study are developed for different schools.

The Department has an interactive whiteboard to enhance the pupils’ learning experience and the use of ICT is encouraged throughout the syllabus both as a research and presentation tool. We also have an electronic weather station and a large and airy, purpose built teaching room providing a spacious and comfortable environment for teaching and learning.

Fieldwork exercises are an integral part of the Geography curriculum and a fieldwork enquiry is carried out each year from Form 6 – 8 which  makes the most of our location adjacent to local parkland and the Forth.

Holiday Projects for Y7 and Y8!

Geography holiday project for children entering F7 2014

Geography holiday project for children entering F8 2014

Please find following a series of revision documents for the CE and Scholarship students:

CE Revision Guide 2013

CE Syllabus



Global Warming – fast facts!

What is Global Warming?

River Corridor Sheets

Scholars revision 2013

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