We have a profound belief in the importance of History both as an academic discipline within the school curriculum and as an important foundation stone for leading an intelligent life beyond the school gates.

History is an essential part of a balanced, broad and relevant curriculum.

Skills of historical enquiry and communication are essential components in developing an understanding of the nature of evidence. From our Pre Prep through to our Scholars and Common Entrance children in Year 8 our children are encouraged  to develop their ability to use the distinctive, disciplined, problem solving methods of historians through a range of critical enquiry, thinking and communication skills.

In the later years of the Upper School some of the most important skills we wish to cultivate are the development of a good memory and the ability to read widely and write clearly. A good memory is a fundamental skill to develop – collectively and individually our sense of our own identity is bound up with memory.

We attempt to develop our children’s understanding of the process of historical argument by encouraging them to collect, sift and evaluate evidence. We also aim to improve their skills, such as reading, note-making, the construction of coherent explanations and extended writing. A wide range of resources will be used by all year groups including ICT software and the Internet, examining artefacts and source materials, alongside more traditional sources of information. Where possible we also like to arrange field trips to relevant historical sites of interest and exhibitions.

Pre-Prep visit to Craigmillar Castle

At Cargilfield, especially in the early years, our children encouraged to participate in their learning by immersing themselves in the topic being studied. Our Form 4’s have lived as Vikings in our Viking Day and visited Vikingar and the National Museum of Scotland.  Our Form 5’s have experienced World War 2 Day and a 1940’s Tea Dance.

In Form 6 our children will be beginning to evaluate sources and write essays at a standard leading to success at Common Entrance and Scholarship. We hope to foster a love of the subject which will lead them to choose this as a subject later in their school careers at GCSE and beyond.