We have over 100 networked computers at Cargilfield. In the Pre Prep, each classroom has at least one computer and interactive whiteboard and projector.  There is also a computer suite which allows whole class ICT lessons from P1 with each child having 1:1 access to a computer.  The children are taught the basics about how to use the computer, interact with the whiteboards and use various software including using the Internet.  The most recent development in ICT has been the introduction of iPads to the Nursery.  Each Nursery teacher has their own iPad to use as a tool for monitoring the children’s progress.  The most recent development in ICT has been the introduction of iPads to the Nursery.  Each Nursery teacher has their own iPad to use as a tool for recording and monitoring the children’s progress.  The iPads are also used as a learning tool within all areas of the curriculum for one to one teaching and in group time situations.


In the Upper School, children are asked to sign the school’s responsible use agreement which outlines the school’s expectation of how ICT should be used properly.  The children have one lesson a week of ICT taught in one of two further computer suites.  Children are taught how to use Word Processing and Spreadsheet software as well as how to create drawings, painting, PowerPoint presentations and clay animations.  However, the curriculum has shifted to programming based topics where software such as LOGO and Scratch are used.  Scratch is a popular piece of software which can create animations and computer games.  Other programming software used includes www.codecademy.com where the children learn basics of JavaScript and HTML.  We also have 3 Raspberry Pis which are small computers that help children to understand how a computer works.  On Wednesday evenings, a group of keen coders are taken into town to attend Prewired, a club for Under 19s which is run by Edinburgh University students studying Computer Science.  This give the children immense opportunity to develop their skills even further, mentored by a group of experts who are only too willing to offer their advice and support on many types of computer platforms.


Touch-typing is an important life skill and those who are keen to develop this skill are given every opportunity.  The children all have their own account which they can access at any time and work on their progress.  Several children have completed this course before they have left Cargilfield and can all touch type at speeds of over 20 words per minute.  All the children in the Upper School are given their own Microsoft Office 365 email account which can be accessed from home.


Internet Safety is a key focus across the years and at least 2 weeks per term is dedicated to educating the children on how to stay in control when using the internet.  The ICT department uses the www.kidsmart.org.uk and www.ThinkYouKnow.co.uk websites as their resources and we ask an expert to come in to give a presentation to the children in Forms 6-8 as well as delivering a separate presentation to parents.


At Cargilfield, we have very strict filtering software using Bloxx software and this is monitored by the Head of ICT and the remote management team.


All three of Cargilfield’s ICT suites are also used by other departments for specific subject based work.