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Religious Studies

At Cargilfield, we are passionate about the learning and understanding of all the major religions of the world.  We provide a safe and secure learning environment, allowing children to contemplate, reflect and develop a sense of morality that also promotes the largely Christian ethos of the school.

Our open approach to the study of religion enables children to question and form their own opinions, whilst ensuring an understanding and appreciation of all major world beliefs and faiths.  Living in a multi-faith society means that we, as a school, understand the need for an awareness of what others believe and in doing so, we inspire a love of learning about religions from all across the world.

Our lessons vary from studying passages from the Bible to looking at how different faiths put their beliefs into practise.  Discussions are a regular feature and cover aspects of theology, philosophy and ethics.  This in turn, provides a good introduction to what children will learn in Senior Schools.

Form 4, 5 and 6 (Autumn and Spring Terms): The focus is on the key prophets and passages in the Bible, studied in chronological order.

Forms 4, 5 and 6 (Summer Terms): The approach is on how faith is put into practice, with Form 4 looking at Buddhism, Form 5 looking at Sikhism and Form 6 looking at Hinduism.

Forms 7 and 8:  Children study the Common Entrance syllabus, which includes an in depth study and analysis of set Old and New Testament passages.  We study Islam in the summer term of Form 7 in order to complete coursework during lesson time, as well as preparing candidates in Form 8 for Academic Scholarships who are applying to senior schools that have Religious Studies as an examined subject.



Religious Studies