Science | Cargilfield : Scotland's First Prep School


Welcome, please take a moment to have a look at our aims:

  • To promote enthusiasm and interest in the physical and natural world.
  • To encourage pupils to be inquisitive and to apply their understanding in order to problem solve.
  • To provide children with a safe, stimulating learning environment in which the individual can develop the skills of scientific investigation.
  • To prepare children to progress to the next step, for example Common Entrance and Scholarship.
  • To develop an awareness and understanding of the importance of Science and scientists to our lives.

Science is taught, with passion, using a wide variety of resources:

  • Pre-prep Science is taught through topics based on the Curriculum for Excellence by the class teacher.
  • From Year 4 through to Year 8 Science is taught by specialist subject teachers, following the Common Entrance Syllabus.
  • Experiments, investigations, lesson notes, textbooks, internet and videos are all used to provide differentiated information to support topics covered in class.
  • All pupils have the use of two well-resourced laboratories with dedicated laboratory technician support.
  • All pupils visit places of scientific interest to broaden their awareness.  For example: Glasgow Science Centre, the Five Sisters Zoo and the residential field trip to Edzell.

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their learning throughout their Science at Cargilfield.