COVID19 Information

There has been a lot of detailed planning since the First Minister announced the plan for the reopening of Schools in Scotland in April, after the Easter holiday. We have been working very hard to ensure the safety and well being of all our children and staff, by carefully mitigating the risks and closely following the detailed Government guidance.

Here you will find lots of information about Cargilfield’s response to COVID19 and our plans for reopening the school at the start of the Summer Term.

Please do get in touch with us if you need any further information.


Cargilfield is a Boarding Schools Association Safe COVID School and we have signed up to the BSA Charter. We follow the principles within the Charter as well as adhering to guidance from the Scottish Government and as required for our own school risk assessment. Full details of the Charter can be found here.

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NHS Lothian Advice

A letter from NHS Lothian to Parents about the return to school can be found below.

NHS Lothian Letter

NHS Lothian Advice

Coronavirus Policy

Should you have concerns about your child’s health and the most appropriate route to follow, Louise MacGregor, our School Nurse, would be happy to help advise.

Coronavirus Policy

Coronavirus Policy

Arrangements for Drop Off and Pick Up (25.8.20)


Drop Off

  • Nursery and P1 walk to Nursery garden with one parent via Barnton Gate.
  • P2 and P3 drive through school to outside Sports Hall or walk via Barnton Gate.
  • F4-F8 drive to main carpark and drop off or walk via Barnton Gate.

Pick Up

  • Nursery walk to Nursery garden with one parent – access via Barnton Gate.
  • P1-P3 one parent collects from Headmaster’s Lawn – access via Barnton Gate.
  • F4-F8 one parent collects from marquee outside chapel – access from main carpark.

Timings listed below

Morning drop off

As we must limit access to the school site, parents will not be able to drop their children at the classroom. At the start of term, we will allow parents of Nursery and P1 children to bring their children to the Nursery garden gate from where the staff will collect and take them into the classroom. We would ask only one parent to do this and to exercise social distancing while coming into school. Older siblings can also be dropped at the same time. P2 and P3 children

Parents will be encouraged to use the Gamekeepers’ Road entrance and to drive through the barrier outside chapel and to drop their child outside the Sports Hall where members of staff will be ready to shepherd the way into the Pre Prep building. As parents will be driving through the school, it is important that they observe the speed limits scrupulously. P2 children will access their classroom via the external stairs and balcony outside their classroom. P3 children will use the main internal staircase. Parents might also like to park on Barnton Avenue and drop their children at the Barnton Avenue gates from where there is safe and easy access the Pre Prep building. Older siblings can also be dropped at the same time. Upper School children

Parents should use the Gamekeepers’ Road entrance and drive through the car park, dropping their children at the drop off zone where there will be members of staff ready to welcome them. They should then walk towards Ash Court (Forms 4-7) or on the grass towards Wilsons’ (Form 8). Parents might prefer to park on Gamekeepers Road and walk them to the start of the pavement that runs parallel to the playing fields and the picket fence.

Afternoon Pick Up

Parents collecting Nursery children at lunchtime should come to the Nursery garden gate. Otherwise Nursery and Pre Prep children should be collected from the Headmaster’s Lawn outside the Pre Prep building. Please bring an umbrella if there is the chance of rain – the children will use the Pre Prep Hall and the shelter of the veranda. The collection time will be as follows:

  • Nursery and Pre Prep siblings - 2.50pm
  • P1 and P2/P3 siblings - 3.00pm
  • P2 and P3 siblings - 3.10pm
  • Remaining P3 - 3.20pm

Upper School children should be collected from the playing fields opposite the chapel. Please bring an umbrella if there is the chance of rain - there will be a marquee and the chapel to provide some shelter for the children. The collection time will be as follows:

  • Form 4 and Upper School siblings - 4.50pm
  • Form 5 and Upper School siblings - 5.00pm
  • Form 6 and Form 7/8 siblings - 5.10pm
  • Form 7 and Form 8 siblings - 5.20pm
  • Remaining Form 8 - 5.30pm

In all cases, please consider parking off-site to collect your children. Pre Prep parents should enter the school via the Barnton Avenue Gate and so will have to park off-site. Upper School parents should enter the school via Gamekeepers’ Road. If you are driving on site, you must stick carefully to the timings as it will be more difficult to manage the flow of traffic.

Cargilfield where everyday is an adventure

Welcome to Cargilfield! We hope this short film gives you a glimpse of what life is like for the girls and boys at our school. We would love to welcome you in person to tour Cargilfield and explain more fully exactly what makes a Cargilfield education so special and so different. Please get in touch with Fiona Craig, our Registrar if you would like to find out more; her email address is [email protected] or you can telephone her on 0131 336 2207.

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