U9A Rounders beat Craigclowan!

A super match up in Perth!

This was our first match of the season against Craigclowan which was unfortunately delayed as Craigclowan went to Cargilfield by mistake! We were able to watch the under 10s play when waiting for them to come back. We fielded first and Mariella did particularly well stumping girls out at first and then getting two girls out at third! We held them easily to three rounders. We went into bat and starting scoring quickly with Lottie, Anna and Mariella all scoring full rounders and most of the others scoring half rounders. Craigclowan made several fielding errors and their bowler also gave away some half rounders on no balls.

Amalia forgot to look and ran herself out! We had scored nine and a half rounders! Craigclowan only managed one rounder on their second innings. Anna caught someone out at backstop and Mariella again got two girls out! Amalia got Frankie out at second with some great fielding. We decided to bat only ten balls for Cargilfield’s second innings as we were tight on time and we had already won the game. We still managed to score a further six with Judith and Saskia being the star batters. Despite receiving ten balls less we had scored 15 ½ rounders to Craigclowan’s four. A victory worth waiting for!

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