2nd Girls beat Fettes

Well played, girls!

The girls were on top form today and absolutely everyone gave 100% throughout the match. I was incredibly impressed with their hard work and positivity. Their team work shone through and they were supportive of each other and worked brilliantly together. We started off strongly in what was a face paced first quarter and ended with a goal from Laura taking us ahead. In the 2nd quarter we capitalised on this. Calia and Rosanna were brilliant in defence and Izzy, Bethany , Flora and Saphira worked incredibly hard to feed the ball up to our shooters. Clemmie came into her own in the second half and scored some brilliant goals from the back of the D. Flora impressed me with her dynamism around the court making some brilliant interceptions. Alannah had a shot a Centre, something she had not tried before but which will definitely add another string to her bow.

Very well done girls. A fantastic performance and your best yet.

Final score

Cargilfield 9, Fettes 3

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