U9 Rounders beat Ardvreck

The sun comes out at last!

The U9s travelled to Ardvreck today to play their final match of the season. It was so hot some of the big girls had a paddle in the river! Ardvreck won the toss and asked us in to bat. We were a little slow to begin with only scoring ½ rounder off 10 balls but we picked up the pace and scored 10 more! Whilst our batting was not great, apart from a super hit from Tunrayo, we were determined and we scored lots of half rounders and some cheeky whole rounders won due to good running and fielding mistakes. Ardvreck managed 5 ½ in return. Savannah, Bea and Maddie stumped out some girls and we made very few fielding mistakes. The second innings was timed rather than 30 balls and luckily our girls looked lively and came in quickly. This time we scored 12 ½ rounders.The batting was a little better and Maddie, Izzy, Bea, Tunrayo and Isobel scored full rounders. Savannah and Esme bowled reasonably well and they both directed the fielding very well. Ardvreck came back with 4 ½; we had got five of their batters out. Final score: Cargilfield 23 Ardvreck 10.

Well done girls, we played well and showed good competitive spirit. Our batting needs to improve but overall very good progress has been made over the term. A special well done to Isobel and Jacqueline in their first match for the A’s. Isobel scored 2 and Jacqueline 2 ½.

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