P2 make Castles!

P2 make Castles!

Fantastic teamwork on show

In P2 we set about learning the features of a castle by constructing our own castle board. First, we got some large pieces of thick card and cut it to look like a castle wall with the battlements at the top. The children next painted the wall with grey paint then printed blocks of darker grey to resemble the stonework. Using templates, we cut out windows and arrow slits. After that we made a portcullis with strips of black paper. Next, we made a stained-glass window using different sized black frames and squares of coloured tissue paper stuck onto self-adhesive book covering film. To finish we labelled the different features including the merlons which is the solid upright section on the battlements and the crenels which is the space between them. Look at the photographs below which show the different stages of our castle board’s construction and marvel at our finished designs.




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