Padel Club

Padel Club

A brilliant Tuesday evening activity!

Padel is one of the fastest growing racket sports in the UK, and we are fortunate that Mrs Mackerron takes a keen group to Thistle Padel Club at Craigclockhart every Tuesday evening. They receive coaching from Jorge Martinez, who is the UK's No1 doubles player. Padel is a fast-paced sport played by two people on an enclosed walled court about one-third of the size of a tennis court. It combines tennis rules, with the use of walls (similar to squash) and underhand serving rather than the overhand serving that features in tennis. Lots of fun and the children are enjoying being coached, and playing on such fabulous facilities.

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Welcome to Cargilfield! We hope this short film gives you a glimpse of what life is like for the girls and boys at our school. We would love to welcome you in person to tour Cargilfield and explain more fully exactly what makes a Cargilfield education so special and so different. Please get in touch with Fiona Craig, our Registrar if you would like to find out more; her email address is [email protected] or you can telephone her on 0131 336 2207.

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