U10 Netball v Cramond PS

Some great teamwork, girls!

We had a fantastic start to our netball matches with a closely fought contest with our friends form across the road.

I was so impressed with the standard of play on both teams.

Cramond took an early lead and then we found our form with some great intercepting from Cecilia as Keeper. Lottie CB was fantastic in defence, totally fearless and made some great interceptions. It was clear that the girls had been watching the opposition closely as they quickly picked up how to use the space on the court to their advantage. Emily was fantastic in her court coverage and her use of space allowed for some great passes to Rosanna who was able to covert them into goals. Emily also scored a great goal bringing the score at half time to 3 all.

We pulled ahead in the third quarter with some tremendous running form Lotte and Lottie CB. Lucia and Clara worked well in their positions and then came off for a rest and to cheer on the rest of the team!

Cramond were now on the offensive and scored 3 goals in a row. Determined to go down fighting we came back strongly. Again, Lottie CB in defence, Emily and Olivia in attack were tireless in their pursuit of the ball. Scarlett was also determined to contest for the ball and marked the Cramond attacker fearlessly. Thalia also took no nonsense with some fabulous marking of the Cramond Centre. With just a few seconds to go Rosanna scored again.

What a match! Big thanks to Izzy Flower who scored for us, ran the warm ups for both teams and was generally indispensable.

Final score Cramond 8, Cargilfield 6

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