Form 4 Viking Day

Form 4 Viking Day

A fabulous hands on History day!

F46b4cda 1a21 4fed a1ce a4d0f558b6e6Form 4 had a fierce Friday, welcoming two Vikings to Cargilfield. The pupils were transported back in time through the magic of storytelling, games and lots of fun activities. They explored a real Viking long boat and practiced rowing in time together. They were giving Viking objects such as clothes and cooking utensils. The settlement game was so much fun; our Form 4 Vikings were able to imagine what life on a Viking settlement would be like and just how difficult it would be to become a powerful Viking Jarl. The highlight of the day took place in the sports hall, where all the action took place! Our Vikings had shieldwall and combat practice, where they stood strong, getting ready for battle.Thank you so much to our Viking visitors for a brilliant day!


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