STEM in the Nursery

STEM in the Nursery

Lots of active learning in the Nursery!

ImageSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is experienced in the Nursery through exploration, experimentation and play.Our STEM area entices the children in to try out their theories as to why things work, how they work and how they can be changed or improved. The children lead the learning and staff resource our STEM area and support the children's learning by responding to their ideas. This can link in to a water area where the children build channels using guttering between our water pump station and water tray or it can be how they use the natural gradient beside the stem area to experiment with vehicles and forces. Our block play facilitates lots of extended learning as the children build, review and improve the various things they have constructed.We are extremely lucky to benefit from the specialist input of our science teacher who helps to resource, support and extend the children's learning. He also provides specialist input to staff to help extend and develop their practice in Science. The children's interest in learning and STEM is also extended through our annual Pre-Prep STEM day where various STEM ambassadors come to run workshops on a range of STEM topics including; bridge building, animal behaviours, sustainable eating, basic electronics and many more. We also participate in the Edinburgh Science Festival which provides fantastic workshops which encourage the children to be inquistive and curious about science. 

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