U10 Roundres lost to Loretto

Lots of learning!

U10A Rounders v Loretto

Lost 10½ – 7½

We started the match by batting first. We had a shaky start with Emilia M as our first batter, getting run out by Emily. However, that didn’t deter us and we continued to score half rounders steadily. Unfortunately, two more players were stumped out before energy and enthusiasm was regained following Athena’s much-needed rounder. When we came to be fielding, Olivia took the pressurised role of bowler. She did a great job and didn’t give away too many half rounders. We were a strong fielding team, despite Lottie having to run from back-stop to fourth post with a waiting line of Loretto batters in the way, and overall, we managed to stump six Loretto players out. The score after the first innings was Cargilfield 5 and Loretto 4.

The second innings had us batting and a change in positions for the Loretto fielding team strengthened their ability. As a result, we found it much harder to score. We took some risky decisions, which ultimately didn’t pay off and meant we only scored 2½. We also need to ensure that when we stump fourth post, that we don’t needlessly swipe it with such force that it comes across as overly aggressive. We knew that we had to up our game with fielding but the pressure meant we were prone to butter fingers; a shame as it boosted the confidence of the Loretto players. A few rounders were scored by them before we started to work with increased accuracy. Whilst we then began to stump the Loretto players, it was too late and it was the end of the game. They had scored 5½.

We tried hard and a times were a fantastic team but one thing to take away from this is that even when it feels like the game is lost, we shouldn’t give up. Equally, some of us need to remember the etiquette rules and ensure that we don’t come across as poor losers; these games are meant to be friendly after all.

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