P3 Camp

P3 Camp

Great fun under canvas!

IMG 20220521 204254Well done to all P3s for attending and being super campers! During the weekend P3 started Saturday with collecting firewood and pitching their tents using brilliant team work. After a school lunch it was time to go to Queensferry and hop on a ferry to Inchcolm island! After exploring the island and walking through a WWI Ammunition tunnel P3 collected shells, bones and got digging! P3 enjoyed a BBQ and Hector’s birthday cake before exploring and playing on the school grounds and astro. After magically setting up the fire, P3 enjoyed a story with Mr Taylor toasting their marshmallows with hot chocolate. P3 were super organised with their packing and got to use the upper school changing rooms to get ready for bed time. In the early hours P3 played card games and read in their tents before have their first Cargilfield breakfast! The P3s learnt about nature and science with Donald the explorer all morning through outdoor activities, investigating bird bones and feathers as well as sea life from the Firth of Fourth -reflecting on animals seen on Inchcolm. A jam packed weekend for P3 and a well-deserved rest!

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