U11B Hockey beat Loretto

Well played, girls!

U11B Hockey v Loretto

Won 4-0

It was a lovely game of hockey for the Cargilfield side when Loretto came to play today. Very early on in the first half did Cargilfield show their true teamwork skills by scoring a nice team goal in which the ball was passed to nearly every person before hitting the backboard, setting the rhythm for the rest of the game. Not too soon after had Polly, assisted by Georgia, joined forces to score the second after a quick turnaround from the navy and red side.

Our second half saw Georgia once more storm her way through all of the opposition, and after a few near misses, score the 3rd for the team. Not only was our attack solid today, our defence were also working super hard, and for 5 whole minutes did Anastasia and Esme work so in sync that not a single time did the ball enter our defending D. Isabelle, not wanting to be left out of the score sheet, got the ball in the D, turned quickly and lifted the ball over the keeper’s legs on her reverse stick and into the goal (not even Izzie herself knew how she did it!).

A big mention needs to go to Minty who not only smashed it in the Cargilfield goal in the first half, but was very sportmanly and went into the Loretto goal in the second half. Well done to both Minty and Anastasia who were voted players of the match by the opposition. Brilliant work, team!

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