Look out for the Dinousaurs!

Look out for the Dinousaurs!

P2 on the hunt for dinosaurs

This week has been a very exciting and quite extraordinary week in P2. On Tuesday we came into school to find havoc in both classrooms with tables overturned and pencil pots strewn across the floor. Some of us found nibbled leaves, and faint traces of a large footprint on the floor which gave us a clue as to the identity of our intruders. We decided to set up a camera overnight in the hope of catching the culprits in action. It didn’t disappoint with a glimpse of a scaly green tail caught on film. Some of us came up with the ingenious idea that Mr Tinkler, our science teacher, had a dinosaur egg incubating in his lab and that it had hatched and was roaming around the school. We thought of a cunning plan to attract our prehistoric visitors back. We collected juicy leaves, some grass and colourful berries in the hope of their return! We also placed some meat in case our dinosaurs were of the meat-eating kind! Was this enough to entice our intruders back once more, and did we manage to catch them fully on camera? Check out the photographs, if you dare!

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IMG 6605

IMG 6606

IMG 6608

IMG 6607

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PHOTO 2023 11 24 17 14 51 6

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