Preparing children for entrance into their next school inevitably includes introducing them to revision skills. Exams and revision can be a daunting prospect for many children and at Cargilfield we take a supportive and proactive approach to ‘learning to learn’.

In the first year of exams (Form 6) Form Teachers and the Support for Learning Staff introduce the practicalities of revision and, although all revision in Form 6 is done at school, the children are encouraged to think about how they might use their time effectively and indeed children often like to revise at home too. Hopefully, the information below will help you to help your child through the revision process.

As they progress through Forms 7 and 8 we build on their initial skills to encourage organised, active and effective revision.

Curriculum Overviews

Please find below the curriculum summaries for all Upper School forms for this term.

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PSHE Plans

Revision Notes

Below are revision notes for various subjects for you to download. Please speak to the subject teacher if you are unsure about anything.

All revision materials and guidance for the CE Exams June 2023 can be found in your Teams account

Cargilfield receives outstanding Inspection Report by Education Scotland!

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