1st Rounders beat Belhaven and St Mary's

1st Rounders beat Belhaven and St Mary's

Two super games of rounders!

The 1st girls welcomed St Mary’s and Belhaven for a triangular rounders match this week. Calliope won the toss and chose to field first against Belhaven. Like last week, our fielding was good and we quickly put out 3 of the Belhaven players; Rosie made a catch on ball 3 and Amelia put out 2 players at post 1 on balls 4 and 8. Despite not managing to put out any more players for the majority of the innings, we kept the scoring down with some great throws from the deep field. Ellie made a great one handed catch on ball 29, plucking the ball out the air and stumping 2 to put out a player on ball 29. We stepped in to bat feeling fairly confident. Fiona had the first bat of the innings and frustratingly lost the grip on her bat which went flying towards post 4. She went to retrieve it before running which took time and was stumped out at post 1. She’ll not make the mistake of retrieving her bat before running again! Sophie scored a rounder and we thought we were on our way however before we knew it, 4 of the girls were put out on their first bat. With the girls down to 5 players, scoring was crucial but Sophie, Amelia, Suzanne, Iris and Rosie all stepped up to the mark and put their batting hands on. Sophie was outstanding scoring time and time again (total 4 rounders), putting their fielders under great pressure. Suzanne scored a total of 3 ½ rounders and Rosie had a strong innings scoring 1. Iris didn’t manage to score in this game however she was an important part of the last batting group and ran hard round the posts.

Final score: Cargilfield 9 Belhaven 6

We had a quick turn around and Calliope won the toss again. St Mary’s had some strong batters and they scored well off their first ball each. Suzanne made a good catch behind on ball 2 and Amelia had a run of stumpings at post 1 which saw St Mary’s down to 5 batters. Our fielding was not quite as sharp as the Belhaven match however by ball 15, we picked up a bit and our long throws were beginning to be more accurate. Calliope fielded well and made a very important long barrier stop then throw to stop what would have been a rounder from St Mary’s. Fiona’s bowling was fast and the batters struggled to hit from some of the bowls. Suzanne managed another catch behind on ball 24 which saw St Mary’s reduced to 4 batters. They all stayed in but there was a very exciting finish on the last good ball; the ball flew incredibly high …. Rosie positioned herself perfectly … I could see Mr Wilson unable to watch … but good old Rosie made a fantastic catch and put out the team! We were fairly confident as we started out batting against St Mary’s with Fiona scoring a half, Sophie scoring a half, Ellie scoring a rounder, Rosie scoring a rounder and Katie scoring a half, all on their first bat. It was great to see the girls really try hard to push on during this game; we had numerous half rounders from most of the girls however start of the match was Sophie who scored 5 ½ rounders and the opposition simply couldn’t get her out! Katie stayed in the whole innings too, scoring a strong 3 rounders and this pair were the last ones left in and pushed the score up well to win the match by 5 rounders.

Final score: Cargilfield 13 St Mary’s 7

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