U9A girls battle on the rounders field!

U9A girls battle on the rounders field!

A win, a loss and lots of smiles!

Cargilfield win against St Marys’s 6 ½ rounders to 3 ½.
Cargilfield loss against Loretto 2½ rounders to 4.

It was a bit nippy at Loretto but as we settled to play Loretto and St Mary’s, it started to warm up nicely. We played St Mary’s first and beat them by 6 ½ rounders to 3 ½. Lottie and Venetia shared the bowling and Lottie managed well from the official bowling square. Jasmine was the main scorer with 2 full rounders.

The game against Loretto was more of a challenge. They batted first and our fielding was reasonable with Anna taking a good catch and stumping another girl at fourth. Jasmine also did well getting someone out at second. However when we went into bat, it seemed as if we had lead in our shoes! We were running very slowly and Issy was throwing very quickly and accurately to Emily at second. This meant that unless we ran faster we were not going to score. And so it was to be! Loretto held us to 2 ½ rounders. Jasmine scored another full rounder but Anna was out straight away at second and we were unable to score our normal half rounders. We will need to practise running faster and hitting further to allow us to run round for full rounders. Never mind, it was fun and we all enjoyed ourselves!

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