2nd Girls v Fettes and St Mary's

2nd Girls v Fettes and St Mary's

So close, yet so far!

We enjoyed two incredibly competitive and well played games against our 2 strongest opponents this season. Our first match against Fettes was neck and neck from the start Clemmie and Laura shot really well with Saphira, Flora, Bethany and Izzy playing fast and furiously on the wing. Our defence took a little time to warm up but again played incredibly well. We lost pace in the third quarter but then pulled it back again in the final one.

In our second match against St Mary’s we edged ahead. Our defence was much tighter and Calia and Rosanna worked very well as a team. Rosanna made some fantastic interceptions in the D to stop the St Mary’s shooters from scoring. We picked up pace towards the end as the St Mary’s girls tired having played 2 fixtures on the trot. However, luck was not on our side. In the dying seconds St Mary’s pulled ahead.

Final scores Cargilfield 6, Fettes 10 and Cargilfield 4, St Mary’s 5

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