U9 Hockey v Fettes and Belhaven

U9 Hockey v Fettes and Belhaven

Some terrific skills on show!

Fettes: Won 4-1

Belhaven: Won 6-0

On a gorgeous February afternoon, the boys travelled to Fettes to take on both Fettes and Belhaven in a round-robin. Overall, I was very pleased with how the boys handled themselves in the two matches. On the attacking front, they attacked quickly as a unit and generally passed well between each other. They played quickly and dominated possession. Their finishing is improving each match they play. An area to improve on for next week, which we will also work on in training, is using the space, passing wide and driving up the wings before crossing the ball. In defence, we are solid in the tackle and much improved at clearing the ball away from the D. An area that we need to improve on is our marking off the opposition; against stronger opposition we would have let in quite a few more goals. This defensive marking starts with the attack and midfield from 16’s and then finishes with the defenders man-marking an attacking opposition. If we can consistently do this in each match, we will be a very strong hockey side.

Well done, boys!

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