2nd Girls find it tough going

2nd Girls find it tough going

Fettes prove too strong

This was our 4th match of the season against Fettes and currently we were 2 -1 ahead. However, today was not going to be our day. Fettes took a commanding lead from the start. Our marking around the centre was not as tight as it should be, Fettes were on point and their shooters were fantastic today. By the end of the first quarter and despite some sterling work particularly from Rosanna at GD and Flora at WD they were 5 goals ahead. We picked up the pace in the 2nd quarter and managed two goals apiece (with both Clemmie and Laura scoring) so at least the difference between us didn’t get wider. Calia was also working really well at GK. By the third half we were seriously flagging and it was showing. Fettes were now steaming ahead despite the best efforts of Bethany, Saphira and Izzy on the wings. In the final quarter we managed another 2 goals but to be honest we were no match for Fettes today who thoroughly deserve their victory.

Final score

Cargilfield 8, Fettes 18

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