1st Girls v Craigclowan and Ardvreck

1st Girls v Craigclowan and Ardvreck

A winning start to the rounders season!

1st Girls Rounders v Ardvreck and Craigclowan

In Baltic conditions for our first matches of the term we faced Craigclowan and Ardvreck. Our first match was against Ardvreck. We won the toss and elected to field first. Ardvreck were a little tentative to start with as it was the first game of the season. However, their third batter hit into the deep although great fielding by Issy kept her at 2nd post. She was Ardvrecks’s star player and also scored another 2 rounders on her next 2 balls. Our fielding was tight and as we became more confident some super fielding by Ellie on second base and a catch out by Emma off ball 15 kept their score down. When it was our turn to bat Sophie took a half rounder off the first ball, followed by a rounder form Emma off ball 10. As we got into out stride Amelia, Issy, Flora, Rosanna and Catherine also scored.

Final score Ardvreck 3 1/2, Cargilfield 8 ½

We batted first against Craigclowan with Sophie again starting strongly.Her left handed bat deep intot he field took our opposition a bit by surprise. Amelia and Issy were also on form and Katie also scored a half rounder. However, this is an area we will need to work on as it was certainly the weaker area of our play today. Our fielding was tight but Craigclowan were focused and strong. What we did manage to do was to keep our fielding effective round 2nd past and limit their scoring. However, we have work to do to develop our triangle between bowler, first and backstop.

Final score Cargilfield 7, Craigclowan 4

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