2nd Rounders v St Mary's and Loretto

2nd Rounders v St Mary's and Loretto

Good fun down in the Borders!

2nd Rounders v Loretto and St Mary’s

We played one innings of 20 balls against Loretto. We were fielding first and took a little while to get into our stride. Clara made some super throws form far in the Deep off third base. Loretto batted first and scored 3 1/2 rounders. Saphira went into bat first and hit a super shot straight into the Deep behind third base. She did this again off ball 10. Hannah and Clemmie also scored a half rounder. However, our batting was not quite as good as usual and we ended the match just behind Loretto.

Final score Cargilfield 3, Loretto 3 ½

We were much more proactive in our second match against St Mary’s. We were batting first and this time Saphira, Hannah, Caitlin, Emma, Calia and Bethany all scored. Our fielding was much tighter too although we need to work a bit on making sure we keep the ball ahead of the runner when we are fielding. Again the match was almost too close to call with a narrow win for St Mary’s.

Final score Cargilfield 6, St Mary’s 6 ½

PS a big well done for Lucie who played for Loretto and made a new friend from France at the same time.

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