U9Bs lose to Craigclowan

U9Bs lose to Craigclowan

Cricket indoors, away from the rain!

One of our Under 9 boys teams travelled up to Perth on Wednesday to compete in a 10-a-side pairs match against Craigclowan. With the weather being fairly unfavourable to outdoor cricket, the match took place in the sports hall which resulted in some new scoring rules for the batsmen, including 2 runs if the ball his the nearest walls and 4 runs if it hit the farthest wall. The rest of the rules remained the same.

Having lost the toss, the boys set about making some runs and over the course of the fifteen overs managed to accumulate 53. They will need to work on their judgement of when to run or to stay since numerous runouts occurred. There were some marvellous shots including a few fours.

After a short but filling tea, it was Craigclowan’s turn to bat. The boys bowled well and managed to take a number of wickets through the innings to help curb the opposition’s run rate. Freddie managed to take a excellent caught and bowled wicket which was probably the highlight of our fielding efforts.

Despite the boys’ best exertions, Craigclowan managed to surpass the score and ended the match with a win by 29 runs.

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