U11 Rugby v Strathallan and St Leonards

U11 Rugby v Strathallan and St Leonards

Promising signs for the season ahead

A spirited few games of rugby today for the U11 squad. We faced a skilful and strong St Leonard’s team with two particularly good young players who dominated the flow of play. Nevertheless, we competed well and scored in both matches. Our defence was good, on the whole, although a couple of missed first-time tackles leaves us scrambling. 

Against a less experienced Riley team, we played some strong rugby and scored some good tries. As well as working on our first-up tackling technique, we also need to work on support runs and our off loads from the deck.

It was great to see the boys playing in such good spirit and improving as the season progresses. 

Cargilfield Team 1 v St Leonards lost 3-1

Cargilfield Team 2 v Riley won 5-2

Cargilfield Team 2 v St Leonards lost 2-1

Cargilfield Team 1 v Riley won 3-1

Cargilfield Team 1 v Cargilfield Team 2 draw 1-1

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