U12B Rugby boys never give up!

U12B Rugby boys never give up!

A tough game with Stew Mel!

Playing Stewart's Melvile is always a tough proposition given their very large numbers, but I really did enjoy taking the U12B team this afternoon, under glorious blue skies, and although they came out on the wrong end of the scoreline, there was some real improvement as the afternoon went on.  A number of these boys opt to do outdoor pursuits on weekday afternoons, so have not played much rugby so far this term, but slowly but surely, they grew in confidence and there were some excellent passages of play, with some strong running, good off loads and excellent ball presentation skills in the tackle.  Joshua gave the team much of its forward momentum, but Matthew was excellent at scrum half and both Set and James H showed a good awareness of space and jinked their way through the first tackle on many an occasion. We were rewarded for all our effort with a super try right at the end - well deserved!

To improve: well, our first up tackling lacked aggression and rarely did we tackle aggressively, so allowing the Stew Mel boys time to off load and keep the ball moving.  Also, we must communicate more with each other in defence and when we have the ball! Keep talking and keep smiling!

Thank you for giving me a lovely afternoon!

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