3rd Girls lose to Ardvreck

3rd Girls lose to Ardvreck

Lots of fun in the sun!

It was an absolutely glorious afternoon when we met Ardvreck. Our girls were keen to get going with Cicley as an enthusiastic captain. In the first half we showed some super defensive work with Lottie and Cicley at the back.  Emma and Ruby worked very hard to get the ball to the D but were under constant pressure from a hugely athletic Ardvreck team. Emma hit a super ball across the top of the D but there was no one from our team placed to turn it into a goal. 

In the second half we were much more evenly matched. Ardvreck who had done a lot of running in the first half were now tiring which gave us a few more opportunities. Wendy hit a super ball which shot into to the goal but unfortunately it was from outside the D and so no goal was scored. Malayka suddenly put on a burst of speed form the back and moved the ball up swiftly outwitting the opposition and allowed Cicley a shot at goal. It was wide! However, Ruby picked up the ball and scored! A well done to Annabella playing only for the second time as goalie who did well to stave off the Ardvreck attack.

Final score Ardvreck 3, Cargilfield 1

Well done Ardvreck for some super play. We really enjoyed our afternoon.

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