U9 Blues Rugby v Belhaven

U9 Blues Rugby v Belhaven

Lots of tries and lots of learning!

Won 6-1 and Drew 5-5

Cargilfield enjoyed a bright and rather warm afternoon of rugby playing against Belhaven. In both games, I was very pleased with the energy and passion that was shown from the boys. They ran well with the ball and passed well as a team, which allowed them to score plenty of tries in both matches. In the first match, we dominated possession and really put pressure on the opposition forcing them to concede errors and give us plenty of chances to attack. However, in the second match Cargilfield came up against stronger opposition and unfortunately just ran out of steam in the second half but it was great to see them hold on for the draw! An area to work on for the boys is as a team to use the width of the pitch and not all get sucked in to one area to try and be the player to score the try. A little more selflessness needed. On the whole, a great afternoon of rugby.

Well done, boys!

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