1st Girls Rounders finish the season in style!

1st Girls Rounders finish the season in style!

A convincing win against Ardvreck!

Well done to the 1st Girls who finished off their season in style today against Ardvreck. Ardvreck batted first and steadily scored half rounder after half rounder. Amelia dismissed their first player at post 1 on ball 4 followed not long after by Sophie who caught out Hortence on ball 13. Sophie had a busy fielding innings with many of the balls coming her way and she pitched them well back in to the posts. We had a bit of a sleepy spell from balls 20-28, and we misfielded or simply just missed some balls that were coming our way. Let’s put it down to too much sun!!
We stepped in to bat and looked comfortable from the start. We lost Esme early on however we stuck at it and the rounders came in. Sophie and Suzanne were our top scorers in this innings with 3 ½ and 2, and scoring from Amelia, Ellie, Fiona, Rosie and Calliope saw us score a total of 9 ½ .

We had a very strong fielding innings after half time, and Ardvreck found it extremely hard to score. Amelia and Ellie came out in to the deep field and worked particularly well together. This let Rosie and Iris play on posts 2 and 1 which also worked well. Sophie’s catching hands were on today and she caught out 2 players on balls 8 and 10. Iris then put out a player at post 1 followed quickly by Sophie making another catch on ball 16. Katie fielded well off posts one and 2 and pitched in some lovely balls back to Fiona. Rosie put out another player on ball 24 at post 2 and we kept Ardvreck down to a total of 1.
Having won the match already, the girls stepped in to bat and understandably looked more relaxed. There was consistent scoring from all the girls with rounders from Suzanne, Sophie, Fiona, Iris and Katie as well as a few halves from Amelia and Rosie. Rosie made a brave dash round only to be put out at 4 for not touching the post however she still scored her half from her no balls. The innings finished at 13 ½ to us and 1 to Ardvreck.

Final Score: Cargilfield 23 ½ Ardvreck 8

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