U10A and B Netball v Loretto

U10A and B Netball v Loretto

Two excellent games of netball!

U10A and B Netball v Loretto

U10 A 9-2 to Cargilfield

U10 B Cargilfield lost 2-5

Captain Thalia won the toss and chose the centre pass. The ball moved around quickly but Cargilfield missed an early shot on goal and Loretto were very good at getting into spaces and passing quickly. They won the ball back and went on to score. We were slightly daunted but picked ourselves up and Ceci and Scarlett starting scoring. By the end of the first half we were 4-2 up. Olivia, Emily and Athena worked well in the middle and Lottie worked tirelessly to get the ball down to the shooters. The referees swopped so I did not see more of the game but I understand that Lottie, and Thalia added to the goal total. We do need to mark more quickly and more closely and the accuracy of our passing was a little untidy. However, the girls played well together and the final score was Cargilfield 9 Loretto 2

The B Team’s main difficulties were not managing to get the ball often enough to the shooters. We need to work hard on getting into spaces and marking more carefully. Our passes often went awry and ended up in Loretto hands instead. Anjelinaa and Lotte worked very hard in defence. Unfortunately, however we had very few shots on goal and lost the game 5-2. Anjelinaa was the B team’s star player. Whilst Loretto’s goal shooter was playing very well, Anjelinaa managed to get the ball several times. Rosanna had some strong moments but unfortunately slipped and she needs to stay focused at all times. All girls enjoyed the matches and thank you very much to Loretto for hosting us. Final score Cargilfield 2 Loretto 5

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