U11A Hockey lost to Dollar

U11A Hockey lost to Dollar

A close game!

U11A Hockey v Dollar

4-3 Loss

A very wet start back after half term sent the U11 girls across the bridge to Dollar, a team we don’t often play. We played 8 a side with no goalie, which was a change for the team relying upon our goalies to save the shots! The game stated off slowly with possession being held fairly evenly by both teams. The two-week break was very evident with the girls driving or passing straight into Dollar and very quickly loosing possession. We did manage to get the first points on the board with a great goal from Florence, however Dollar did equal it very quickly.

The game continued with Dollar gaining more possession of the ball challenging the team with their speed and solid tackles. There were some great tackles from our team also and a few drives up the wing, but the girls struggled to find one another for the pass.

Dollar’s center midfield was a force that challenged our girls however another break away allowed Agus to score.

Livia worked hard in the middle sending several hard shots into the shooting circle, however we were unable to get our sticks on it to secure the goals. Dollar came back with another goal putting them into the lead by two. Our final goal was scored by Livia.

The game finished 4-3 to Dollar and they awarded Livia with Player of the match. Well done, girls and lots to work on before the Cargilfield 7’s on Saturday.

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