U11A Hockey beat Loretto

U11A Hockey beat Loretto

A super performance, girls!

U11A Hockey v Loretto

The U11 girls were excited to play a home game this week. Loretto made the trip across to play on Gillespie. The girls got off to a good start with Livia taking the center pass and dribbling straight into the attacking circle for a shot on goal, unfortunately it went wide. This attack then continued with a number of shots being crossed in front of the goal without a stick making contact. Finally after a number of attempts Livia and Florence worked well as a team to score 3 goals. The second quarter started with a few position changes. This made the girls dig deep and think about their positions, however within the first 5 mins a ball was deflected up into one of the Loretto players. Both teams’ girls dealt with the situation well and the game continued with Livia offering to help play for Loretto. The team worked well as a group with Eleora tackling Loretto very strongly, clearing the ball wide with power! Alice had a wonderful run up the right side of the pitch dodging a number of players, something we have been practicing in Games sessions. Clara had some great fast sideline balls and Agus had some strong attempts at scoring.

In the final minute of the game Loretto scored.

The emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and kindness is commendable. The positive spirit and supportive actions, such as Livia offering to help play for Loretto, contribute significantly to the overall experience of the game. Isla's role as Captain, leading the team with a loud three cheers at the end, reflects strong leadership qualities. Zinnia was voted player of the match by Loretto.

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