U9 Hockey beat Loretto

U9 Hockey beat Loretto

Well played, girls!

U9 Hockey v Loretto win 7:0

I was delighted with the performance of the Under 9 girls today! They have been developing very well as a team over this Autumn term, and today they seemed to be putting all the coaching points into action. It was super to see it coming together. Izzie was a fine captain and having won the toss she decided we would take the centre pass. Straightaway we went on the attack and our forwards worked well together providing the balls to allow Arabella to score our first goal. Whilst Loretto often cleared well, we kept on moving forward and the second goal was a beautifully accurate and well weighted shot from Isabella. I knew you could do it, Isabella! Sophie and Izzie worked well in defence, remembering to come forward for the tackle and taking hitouts quickly and with super confidence. Sophie even managed to hit one ball to bounce beautifully on the side wall, ending up very far up the pitch. Isla demonstrated some fantastic dribbling skills, keeping control of the ball all the way up the wing. Kirsty was our player of the match, and she was everywhere all of the time, in the correct place! She blocked numerous passes from the opposition, delivering great passes to Zanna and Arabella. She had the vision to move back to defend when necessary. She also scored a goal of her own. With a second goal from Arabella we went into the second half, leading four goals to nil.

Lotte and Clara came out to the pitch in the second half adding a different dynamic. Whilst we had less opportunity to score in the second half, we kept on pushing past the defence and Arabella scored two further goals. A super total of four goals. Our final goal has to be shared by Zanna and Arabella as Zanna struck the ball and it was going in, but Arabella made sure of it. Zanna played very well in the match despite not feeling her best. She used her V drag and Indian dribble to good affect and tackled very well.

We ended the match with a fine victory: seven goals to nil.

Very well done all the girls! A super afternoon’s hockey and a huge improvement on our last game against Loretto. Win 7:0


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