U11A Hockey beat Strathallan

U11A Hockey beat Strathallan

Well done, girls!

A great show of skills for the U11As away at Strathallan for their final game of the season. The girls were ready to play and within quick succession of the first quarter, three solid goals were scored. After much rebounding and heavy pressure within the opposition D, Isla found a gap in the defence and smashed it through the keeper and to the backboard. Zinnia was next, who picked up a lovely pass from Livia at Top D to deflect in. Not minutes later did Zinnia get another for the score sheet to drive through the opposition and rocket past the keeper. The first quarter finished with 3 goals.

As we moved into the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the game the girls became a bit more relaxed and Strathallan picked up their tackling and made it challenging for the team to get past. Alice out on the right had some fantastic strong runs with the ball driving up the right hand side of the pitch and attempting to pass the ball into the shooting circle. Eleora and Clara also pushed up the pitch from the back seeing an opportunity to drive up the pitch and trust one another to cover.

Thandie had a very quiet game with one attack on goal with a one on one situation. She put pressure on the player to make a mistake which worked in her favour. No goals were scored in this half of the match.

The final quarter Ms HS set the girls the challenge of scoring 2 goals, something they deserved to achieve after a number of misses. This challenge was fully accepted and achieved! A goal by Livia, Agus and Florence = 3! AMAZING effort and what a wonderful final game to complete the season!

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